The European SWITCH project, in which SolydEra is a Major partner, wins the Energy Globe Award 2023 for Italy.

Pergine Valsugana (Italy) November 3rd 2023

The European project SWITCH has won the Energy Globe Award 2023 for Italy. The renowned sustainability award was presented yesterday afternoon by the Austrian Commercial Consul, Christoph Plank, to the director of FBK’s Sustainable Energy Centre, Luigi Crema, and the project coordinator, Matteo Testi.

SolydEra made a fundamental contribution to SWITCH, developing a complete, reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer module based on its industrial, next-generation G8X stack platform. The module is capable to continuously (co-) produce hydrogen both when operating as power generator or as electrolyzer, and can switch the operating mode on demand.

“This award,” emphasized Luigi Crema, “is a recognition of the dedication of our researchers and innovators and enhances our collaboration with the company SolydEra in our territory. We thank the European Clean Hydrogen Partnership programme for having financed the SWITCH project with European funds”.

Coordinated by FBK researcher Matteo Testi, SWITCH is a Horizon 2020 European project to develop a prototype of an innovative hydrogen production system based on solid oxide cell technology. “The SWITCH system,” Testi explains, “will be a hydrogen production technology designed for refuelling stations but also for any industrial user interested in decarbonizing their processes while ensuring their continuity. The news of the SWITCH concept lies in the generation of hydrogen both through electrolysis from renewable resources and through processes with low CO2 emissions, guaranteeing security of supply, as renewable as possible, and also generating electricity and heat’.

“We support the SWITCH project that aims becoming a key technology for a zero-carbon mobility in Europe offering continuous supply of H2 at hydrogen refueling stations and we are very proud for this important award” said Martin Füllenbach, SolydEra’s Chairman and CEO. “It is another demonstration that SolydEra’s fuel cell technology is able to deliver both power generation (SOFC) and hydrogen production (SOE) in the same stack, allowing industries to scale important energy projects in various application fields” explained Füllenbach.



About SolydEra
SolydEra is a key world player in the market of Solid Oxide Cells, Stacks and Solutions, with the largest annual production capacity in Europe. Its Solid Oxide Technology has a proven track record and delivers best in class performance and durability in both fuel cell and electrolysis mode. The company has research & development and industrial manufacturing facilities in Italy, Switzerland and Australia. Its headquarters is in Trentino Alto Adige, Italy.



About the project SWITCH
(Smart Ways for In-Situ Totally Integrated and Continuous Multisource Generation of Hydrogen)


SWITCH is a Horizon 2020 European Project that aims to design, build and test a novel system prototype for hydrogen production, based on solid oxide cell technology. The SWITCH system will be a stationary, modular and continuous multisource hydrogen production technology designed for hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS). The core of the system is a reversible Solid Oxide Cell (SOC) operating in two modes: Electrolysis Mode (SOE) and Fuel Cell Mode (SOFC). In electrolysis mode, the SWITCH systems use renewable electricity, water and heat to produce green hydrogen. In fuel cell mode, the SWITCH systems use natural gas or bio-methane to produce grey or green hydrogen, electricity and heat. The integration of the two modes will allow the continuous and guaranteed production of hydrogen and power for contracted end users.


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