From Waste to Value:

Storing energy in the summer, re-using it in the winter

  • SolydEra joins Swiss Green Energy Hub project
  • Waste incineration plant as Energy Hub
  • Storage of green liquid fuels to increase resilience of local energy systems at peak demand
  • SolydEra’s SOE technology demonstrator testing G8 stacks in real conditions
  • Pilot supported by CH state, top Swiss academic and industrial partners

Pergine Valsugana (Italy) December 11th 2023

SolydEra’s high-temperature Electrolysis is in high demand. SolydEra has now joined the Swiss “Green Energy Hub” project and will contribute its high-tech Solid-Oxide Electrolysis Module, which recently succeeded in a feasibility testing at OST Rapperswil, CH. The project aims at increasing the resilience of the Swiss energy system at times of peak demand. It also aims at a more efficient use of waste incineration plants, which are today producing electricity and heat with an energy loss of about 35 percent.


The project was launched following last winter’s electricity shortages and is all about managing peaks and troughs of supply and demand. A waste incineration plant in the summer often produces excess heat and electricity that is difficult to use efficiently. The same is true for solar cell and wind turbine generated electricity. In addition, waste incinerators are in most cases an unexploited source of CO2, which is at the basis of many synthetic fuels together with hydrogen from electrolysis.


SolydEra’s high temperature Electrolysis can turn excess electricity and heat into Hydrogen which then can be combined with CO2 or N2 into synthetic Methane, Methanol or Ammonia. The resulting product can be transported, used in chemical processes, or stored until the next electricity demands peak. Then a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell can turn this Synthetic Fuel back into Electricity and Heat.


The Green Energy Hub not only provides seasonal storage but even a closed circle of carbon dioxide consumption. It will reduce CO2 emissions, allow for the production of green fuels and helps to optimize photovoltaic installations in Switzerland.


“Storing electricity and heat as green liquid fuels, and re-using them in the winter, is set to become a key enabler for the increasingly decentralized energy transition,” SolydEra’s Chairman and CEO Martin Füllenbach said. “Balancing supply and demand is one of the key challenges renewable energy production is currently faced with. At SolydEra, we are pleased to provide a solution and partner with best in academia and industry in Switzerland.”


The Green Energy Hub project aims at developing systemic and innovative approaches for the production, conversion and storage of energy in green liquid fuels using raw materials supplied for example by waste incineration plants in order to increase the resilience of the energy system in times of peak demand. Switzerland has 29 decentralized waste incineration plants. The official project start is scheduled for February 2024 and the installation of the Green Hub is planned for 2025.



ABOUT SolydEra:


SolydEra is a key world player in the market of Solid Oxide Cells, Stacks and Solutions, with the largest annual production capacity in Europe. Its Solid Oxide Technology has a proven track record and delivers best in class performance and durability in both fuel cell and electrolysis mode. The company has research & development and industrial manufacturing facilities in Italy, Switzerland and Australia. Its headquarters is in Trentino Alto Adige, Italy.



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