We stack it.

The art of the fuel cell is at home at SolydEra.

For more than 20 years, SolydEra’s international expert team has been realizing and mass-producing cutting-edge innovative energy solutions based on the proprietary Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) and stack technology.

More than 3,000 SolydEra power and heat systems running internationally to date have already produced more than 90GWh of electricity in more than 70 million hours of operations.

This track-record of success provides high value in terms of practical experience and information that only SolydEra possesses – and SolydEra puts it to optimal use in innovation, market development and further growth.

SolydEra presently holds 11 patents for technologies devised in its three global research & innovation facilities.

The solutions are developed based on currently more than 250 customer and partner cooperations.

Enormous saving potential for the climate.

About a quarter of global electricity is produced from natural gas. The production with traditional gas-fired power plants has an efficiency of only 38 percent (42% conversion, 10% grid loss) under significant emissions.

In contrast, electricity production with the SOFC technology has an efficiency of at least 60%. There is no grid loss since the production is local and decentralized. The gas is not burnt, so there are much less emissions. In addition, valuable heat can be made available to customers increasing the total efficiency up to 90%.

SolydEra is engaged in the following energy segments:

The products are being employed in the following business areas:

  • Commercial applications
  • Large commercial and industrial applications
  • SOE electrolysis for hydrogen production

SOFC – Power applications:

  • Data Centers
  • Maritime Apus, Chps
  • Commercial Chps
  • Industrial Chps

SOE – Hydrogen applications:

  • Green ammonia
  • Green ceramic glass
  • Green Steel
  • E-fuels

What makes SolydEra different

SolydEra has the knowledge and production capabilities for what has been proven to be the most efficient and flexible fuel cell technology in the industry. The solutions guarantee reliable energy supply from different sources. This is also relevant for renewable methods which are often discontinuous.

SolydEra leads hydrogen technology

Based on these unique experiences and capabilities, SolydEra has recently entered Solid Oxide Electrolysis (SOE) as key technology enabling green hydrogen market . Thanks to it, it is possible to convert energy to flexibly make it available and store it.

Ultimately, this is an indispensable fundament for the necessary energy transition and decarbonisation in the fight against the climate change, as well as for energy security with independence from volatilities in energy supply and foreign energy supply.


The product range is being continuously expanded and adapted, in co-operation with international partners. Main product lines currently comprise:

  • Solid Oxide Cells
  • G8 Stack (1.75 kW SOFC – 4.5 kW SOE)
  • G8-X Stack (8.0 kW SOFC – 25 kW SOE)
  • Fuel Cell Module (1,5kW SOFC)
  • Stack Module, different sizes for both SOFC and SOE applications

SolydEra is developing stacks and sub-systems for an almost infinite and diverse spectrum of needed advanced applications.

The company is demonstrating this with several innovations that are just before market introduction. SolydEra’s immediate response to booming international demand is cascaded and/or containerized modules for hydrogen production. In the Solid Oxide area, besides the proven 1.5 kW SOFC (4.5 kW SOE) stack, we now have a larger stack with an output of 8kW SOFC (25 kW SOE) available. A multi-stack module for 100kW systems is under development.