Sustainability is at the heart
and soul of SolydEra.

Reducing CO₂ Emissions

As a provider of key technology for the energy transition, SolydEra is strongly contributing to efficient power and heat generation, reducing CO₂ emissions and helping renewables to be stored.

Reliable and continuous energy suppy are key to decarbonisation and independence from fossil energy supply. However, SolydEra has double mission: While the company serves to making the best technology available, it also strives to achieve this in a way that is itself sustainable.


Consequently, SolydEra engages in ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) practices. This means that the awareness and management of environmental and social impacts are part of the activities and processes, being constantly monitored, reported, and optimised.

These tasks are part of SolydEra’s governance. SolydEra’s Corporate Governance is most modern and functional and gives Environment and Social a high priority.

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