What culture means
at SolydEra

SolydEra has a clear mission to be accomplished. Culture for us means how we do the things we do – and especially how we deal with each other internally and externally.

The specific culture is strongly influenced and shaped by the values the company lives.

Our set of values include, and go beyond, governance, compliance, and principles of sustainability. They are important aspects of our culture.

SolydEra’s main values:


SolydEra has a clear mission and concrete goals. Everyone in the company contributes his or her own energy and talents, which in turn creates opportunities corresponding with the personal ambition.


Innovation is at the heart of what SolydEra does. Driven by curiosity, exploratory urge, and implementation skills, the SolydEra team invents, produces, and brings to life cutting-edge energy solutions answering future needs.


At SolydEra, partnership is the principle shaping human interactions internally and externally. It is cooperation, collegiality, respect, fairness, reciprocity, and mutual success.


Everyone at SolydEra carries responsibility. This means providing the necessary contributions to the common goals, in the right fashion. For the company it means living up to the responsibilities regarding legitimate interests of all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and investors, employees, suppliers, partners, communities, authorities, and governments.


Doing the right things right. It is about ethics and responsibility, positive interactions, and honest communication, as well as respecting our natural environment. Formally, it is expressed by rules contained in the company’s Governance and Compliance statutes and practices.

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