Profit from leadership and growth

Modern efficient and climate-friendly energy technology has a rapidly growing high-volume market.

SolydEra is exactly in the middle of this development, as a technology provider as well as an investment opportunity. The company is thus delivering growth and value to its shareholders.

There are clear and convincing reasons for investing in SolydEra.

SolydEra has:

  • a leading technology
  • a key market position in the energy transition towards net zero and independence
  • the freedom to operate as owner of all required IP
  • top-class production facilities, second to none in Europe
  • concept-proving products in the market
  • a series of most promising technology projects
  • an experienced international team
  • integral sustainability, governance and social policies (ESG)


We are happy to receive your further information and requests. We gladly provide further details should you be interested in investment.

Contact for Investment
Dr Alexander Liberov

Chief Executive Officer