What drives SolydEra

The energy landscape, supply systems, and the industry sector have been disrupted and churned in the recent past. As the visions and demands on energy supply for the coming years and decades are taking shape, numerous opportunities for the providers of energy technology emerge.

SolydEra finds itself in a pole position for the race to a cleaner planet and … storability, decentralized and sovereign energy supply

The company is set to be a leader in a new energy era. The basis and orientation for this is the new strategy, developed and implemented in the course of 2022.

Powerful production

As practical outcome, SolydEra has developed and is bringing to mass production more powerful and larger systems in all three fields of application – Gas to Power, Power to Gas, and Power to Power –, responding to the needs of the energy production and storage industry.

SolydEra operates a Three-Pillar-Strategy, two pillars are in the G2P (gas to power) area, one in the P2G (power to gas) area.

Growing applications

In the G2P field, the company is harvesting its existing products and growing into the field large and industrial commercial fuel cell solutions. The development has led from conventional to large fuel cell modules, and from G8 to G8X.

The third pillar in the P2G area extends SolydEra’s role as player in the solid oxide electrolysis (SOE) industry. This biz will be the future main value driver.

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