SolydEra enables the energy transition.

Everything is about solid oxide technology at SolydEra.

SolydEra combines the individual cells into stacks, fuel cell modules and large stack modules  for various applications. The technology – engineered, crafted, and put into function by SolydEra’s teams of experts and innovative researchers,  specialists, and system engineers – is the basis for powerful current and future energy solutions. Our clients use our stacks to generate electricity and heat, in fuel cell mode or to produce hydrogen while in electrolyser mode. The stacks are reversible.

SolydEra’s technology solutions have proven to be the most efficient and flexibly applicable.

Solid flexibility

The key advantage of SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) is to convert various types of gas into electricity and heat. This guarantees fully reliable and continuous energy supply, especially with volatile renewable sources.

As the world aims to decarbonize, and to be more independent from foreign supply chains, other great strengths of SolydEra’s technology come to bear: the use for hydrogen production and for flexible energy storage by SOE (Solid Oxide Electrolysis).

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Accelerating Electrolyzer Industrialization: SolydEra, Bosal, and VDL Forge

PERGINE VALSUGANA/ITALY, LUMMEN/BELGIUM and EINDHOVEN/THE NETHERLANDS, April 11th 2024 – In response to the growing global demand for electrolyzers, industry front-runners have come together to significantly enhance production capabilities and lower costs.

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SolydEra and HnPower: Celebrating five years of successful cooperation

Pergine Valsugana (Italy) und Daejon (South Korea) February 20th 2024 – As the world rediscovers Hydrogen to help boost decarbonization, a Korean and a European industry leader are already celebrating five years of successful cooperation in the field of Solid-Oxide fuel cells (SOFC). SolydEra has now been a supplier of fuel cell stacks to its Korean partner HnPower for five years.

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NAUTILUS and SolydEra achieve Milestone

Pergine Valsugana (Italy) February 19th 2024 – In a significant leap towards sustainable energy solutions, NAUTILUS and SolydEra proudly announce the successful installation of a groundbreaking 40 kW Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) system at the premises of one of the Finnish power companies in Tampere area.

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AC:DC rocks durability and performance of SOE green tech

Pergine Valsugana (Italy) and Viby Zealand (Denmark) January 9th 2024 – AC/DC is no longer just an acronym for energizing rock music. AC:DC is now rocking the world of green tech by boosting durability and performance of Solid Oxide Electrolysis systems. It is an innovative operating method jointly validated by Italian SolydEra and Danish Dynelectro. A 15-month-test of the latest G8 stack provided by SolydEra in electrolysis mode has demonstrated exceptionally low degradation enabling a five-fold lifetime performance improvement.

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From Waste to Value - SolydEra joins the Swiss "Green Energy Hub"

Pergine Valsugana (Italy) December 11th 2023 – SolydEra’s high-temperature Electrolysis is in high demand. SolydEra has now joined the Swiss “Green Energy Hub” project and will contribute its high-tech Solid-Oxide Electrolysis Module, which recently succeeded in a feasibility testing at OST Rapperswil, CH. The project aims at increasing the resilience of the Swiss energy system at times of peak demand. It also aims at a more efficient use of waste incineration plants, which are today producing electricity and heat with an energy loss of about 35 percent.

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Energy Globe Award 2023

Pergine Valsugana (Italy) November 03rd 2023 – The European project SWITCH has won the Energy Globe Award 2023 for Italy. The renowned sustainability award was presented yesterday afternoon by the Austrian Commercial Consul, Christoph Plank, to the director of FBK’s Sustainable Energy Centre, Luigi Crema, and the project coordinator, Matteo Testi.

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SolydEra boosts Global Energy Transition with cooperation with KBR

Pergine Valsugana (Italy) October 04th 2023 – SolydEra has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with KBR, to offer an integrated solution for producing lower cost clean ammonia using renewable energy.