New player in the energy transition.
Romande Energie, SolydEra and Zwahlen & Mayr collaborate to promote renewable hydrogen in
Switzerland with the PRHYSM project 

New player in the energy transition.
Romande Energie, SolydEra and Zwahlen & Mayr collaborate to promote renewable hydrogen in
Switzerland with the PRHYSM project 

Morges, Yverdonne and Aigle, Switzerland, May 7th 2024 - The PRHYSM project aims to produce renewablehydrogen consumed locally, and will therefore contribute to Switzerland's efforts to reduce greenhouse gasemissions by creating a production plant in Aigle which will be operational in 2025. This project is part of awish for a circular economy and industrial ecology.


The PRHYSM project (“PRoduction of green HYdrogen for clean Steel and Metallurgy”) is part of adecarbonization strategy aiming to produce renewable hydrogen directly where it is consumed, in Aigle,Switzerland. The process is based on high-efficiency water electrolysis, exploiting solar energy produced onsite. This approach allows to significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with hydrogen consumptionby Zwahlen & Mayr, while promoting technological innovation and the decarbonization of the Swiss industry.This project permits Romande Energie to build and start a new photovoltaic parc.


Romande Energie towards a sustainable future
The Romande Energie Group, a major player in the energy sector in Switzerland, offers innovative andsustainable solutions to meet the challenges of the energy transition. As part of its ambition to decarbonizeFrench-speaking Switzerland, Romande Energie supports the development of the use of hydrogen, a vectorwith strong potential. To do so, it offers solutions to its customers downstream of the value chain and intendsto provide renewable hydrogen to power the regional ecosystem.


SolydEra for advanced technology
Based in Yverdon-les-Bains, SolydEra SA is a company at the forefront of innovation in the field of hydrogentechnologies, providing the high temperature electrolyzer as well as the expertise necessary for its designand operational implementation for the production of renewable hydrogen. Its advanced technology willenable Zwahlen & Mayr to produce hydrogen on site efficiently and sustainably. The collaboration withSolydEra highlights the importance of technological innovation in the transition to a decarbonized economy.


Zwahlen & Mayr to decarbonize Swiss industry
Zwahlen & Mayr SA is a Swiss company recognized in the production of welded, recalibrated or seamlessstainless-steel tubes as well as metal constructions. The PRHYSM project will take place at the Aigle industrialsite, allowing the company to step up its efforts to reduce its environmental impact and support Swisstechnological innovation for the energy transition.


Institutional supports
All the partners of the PHRYSM project are honored to receive the support of the Swiss Federal Office ofEnergy (SFOE) and the Service for the Promotion of the Economy and Innovation (SPEI) of the canton ofVaud, highlighting thus confidence and commitment to our approach.


A strong partnership
This partnership takes the form of a renewable H2 contracting, produced from photovoltaic electricity andintended for self-consumption. This process should produce 20 tons of hydrogen annually for 15 years.SolydEra technology, with its “Solid oxide” electrolyzer, offers very high energy efficiency with theopportunity of recovering residual heat from the ZM process. These elements of circularity and industrialecology are particularly part of the core strategy of the three players.


The Romande Energie Group in brief
A leading energy company and leading electricity supplier in French-speaking Switzerland, the RomandeEnergie Group offers numerous sustainable solutions in areas as varied as energy distribution and production,energy services, energy efficiency, as well as mobility. electric. Through its own 100% renewable production,its innovative services and its sustainability policy, the Group intends to develop, with its customers, investorsand employees, a better living environment. Romande Energie is also committed on a daily basis to offeringhigh-quality services and guaranteeing reliable supply, meeting the expectations of its customers as closelyas possible, in order to support them in the energy transition and decarbonization of French-speakingSwitzerland.

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SolydEra in brief
SolydEra is a key world player in the market of Solid Oxide Cells, Stacks and Solutions, with the largest annualproduction capacity in Europe. Its Solid Oxide Technology, developed over two decades, has a proven trackrecord and delivers best in class performance and durability in both fuel cell and electrolysis mode. Thecompany has research & development and industrial manufacturing facilities in Italy, Switzerland andAustralia. Its headquarters is in Trentino Alto Adige, Italy.

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Zwahlen & Mayr in brief
Zwahlen & Mayr, leader in the field of metal construction and pillar in the production of stainless-steel tubesunder the ZM TUBES brand, offers a range of high-performance products. The welded tubes guaranteefoolproof resistance and unrivaled precision in their manufacturing. Drawing on decades of Swiss expertise,drawn tubes remain synonymous with quality and absolute precision. The recent expansion into seamlesstubing demonstrates the company's commitment to innovation and safety. The new line of high-pressuretubes, designed for unrivaled versatility, represents the latest technological advancement from Zwahlen &Mayr. At the same time, the company continually invests in a team of experienced experts and state-of-theart infrastructure to ensure the efficient management of large-scale construction projects.

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Michèle Cassani

Spokesperson for the Romande Energie Group

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General Manager SolydEra SA